It is ADVISABLE to use the filter with metallic Bowl Guards for enhanced SAFETY requirements to avoid personal injury and/or property damage.

Polycarbonate bowl Should NOT be exposed to synthetic lubricants, alcohols, glycols, liquified petroleum gases or harmful chemicals or their fumes as they can possibly cause the polycarbonate bowl to burst. Use only non-detergent mineral base oils. Clean the bowl with soap and water only. DO NOT use solvents, thinners, acetone or carbon tetra-chloride etc.

Maximum pressure 250 psig. Maximum temperature 50C.

Keep the oil level below the maximum fill line. DO NOT OVERFILL. Use good quality mineral base oil, preferably misting type of viscosity 50 ‑ 250 SSU (ISO grade 7 to 46) at 38C. To fill up oil without shutting off air supply, depress the vent valve button, provided on the body of lubricator to depressurise the bowl.

While servicing the filter, it is ADVISABLE TO CHANGE all the rubber seals. Inspect each part carefully and clean them with water or kerosene only.
Standard Lubricators
To stop oil flow close the adjusting knob FINGER TIGHT ONLY. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Monitor the device being lubricated for a few days after the initial drip rate adjustment. Readjust the drip rate if the oil delivery appears either excessive or low. Push the Green/Red lock ring downward to lock the setting after final adjustment. To release the lock, pull lock ring upward.

The Airchamp Filter or the Airchamp Coalescing Filter MUST BE INSTALLED before the Lubricator, and If required, then regulator should also be put in between filter and lubricator. Install the set AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE TO THE POINT OF USE.

Where the Lubricator is not pipe mounted and connected with flexible tubes, the Lubricator should be mounted on the BRACKET, which is available as spares with your dealer.

We have a policy of continual product development and therefore reserve the right to modify products/parts shown in this catalogue, without any notice.
Dimensions Of Standard Lubricators
Dimensions & Technical Information About Standard Lubricators.