Airchamp coalescing filters protect air-driven equipment and delicate instruments from dirt, water & oil usually found in compressed air.It removes these contaminants at a very high retention efficiency of upto   99.9% & grade efficient for 0.1 micron size of particles & droplets.It is based on the high performance & high efficient two stage filtration principle.The first is a prefilter with a baffle system of moisture & impurities separation & it is fitted with a 25 micron pure sintered bronze filter element, which captures the coarser particles of dirt, water,oil & contaminants, which means less work, long service life & top performance, most economically, for the final filter.
The second is the final filter with a coalescer system of moisture & impurities separation.It has a 0.1 micron IMPORTED AMERICAN MICROFIBRE FILTER CARTRIDGE.Liquid drips from the filter cartridge as rapidly as it enters the filter. This allows a coalescing filter to keep removing liquids for an un-limited time without loss of efficiency or flow capacity.Over the time, solid particles caught in the filter cause a permanent increase in flow resistance.
Coalescing filters traps dirt particles & microscopic droplets in a network of glass fibres. The dirt particles remain trapped, but the droplets slide down the fibres & unite or coalesce with other droplets at crossover points. The compressed air pushes the collected liquid to the outside of the filter cartridge where it drips to the bottom of the bowl, & the liquid is removed through a manually opereated drain value. 

Microfibre filter cartridges are constructed from borosilicate glass fibres with fluorocarbon resin binders, resistant to water, all hydrocarbon 7 synthetic lubricants. The filter cartridge are self supporting & self gasketing. The filter media in microfibre filter cartridge is about 95% void volume & only 5% fibre volume. The result in an exceptionally low pressure drop & exceptionally high dirt retention capacity.